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Skin Regimen Finder®

  • Skin Type
  • Age
  • Skin Issue
  • Skin Exposure
  • Smog Levels
  • Skin Tone

Q1. How would you describe your skin type?

Your skin type is a fundamental factor in building an effective skincare routine

Q2. What age bracket do you fall in?

Your skin changes dramatically with age. Knowing your age will help us build a better skin care regimen

Q3. What skin issue are you trying to resolve?

This is the most important piece of information which will help us decide the precise combination and quantities of products to prescribe to you. You can select multiple options.

Q4. How often are you exposed to direct sunlight?

Direct exposure to UV rays causes significant changes in the composition of your skin, which then requires different ingredients than less exposed skin

Q5. Do you reside in a city that has high levels of pollution and/or smog?

Q6. Do you wish to lighten your skin tone?

The obsession with white skin is a colonial concept hence, we do not condone lightening your natural skin tone. However, you might want to improve your skin tone to bring it back to its original colour.

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