ILYNN is a skin care experience company. 

Our Naturally-DerivedParaben-Free formulas are precision-designed by Experts of Aesthetic Medicine. All ILYNN products are pH Balanced to ensure that they do not cause any reactions on even the most sensitive of skin types.

All skin types, skin problems and lifestyles are different. Our PERSONAL SKIN REGIMEN FINDER helps recommend the ideal combination of ILYNN products to women based on their unique responses to our questions.

We firmly believe that products only compliment the positive skin changes brought about through lifestyle changes. We ask our clients to send us their skin care inquiry while making a purchase. We then deliver not just the selected product, but lifestyle advice lent by our partner cosmetologists from around the world.

Like we said, we are a skin care experience company. Our goal is simple; Better Skin Every Day.

Our Story

We love coffee. Not because its great for your skin, but because great things tend to happen over a cup of coffee. 

It wasn’t a regular coffee evening; it was one with experts of aesthetic medicine from across the globe in Singapore. These experts were rather concerned with the problems that persisted in the skin care industry, despite the variety of products available

With the majority of skincare products consisting primarily of chemicalsthere simply weren’t enough Paraben-free products that combined naturally-derived ingredients into precision-designed, effective formulas. Additionally, the solutions offered by skin care companies were only skin deep, whereas the roots of skin problems lay deep within the human mind and body

Thus, on that coffee table, ILYNN was born; a skincare brand that offers a complete skin care experience. Our products are effective, pH Balanced combinations of some of the most powerful natural elements sourced from around the worldOur PERSONAL SKIN REGIMEN FINDER recommends ideal ILYNN product combination to our clients based on their responses to the questions regarding their skin and lifestyle. Our partner cosmetologists across the globe not only offer discounts to exclusive ILYNN members, but provide feedback to each individual client when he/she check-outs from our online store. 

ILYNN is not a product. It is a skin care experience company that brings together the loose ends of the industry to provide each client a unique experience. Let ILYNN be your partner as you embark on a journey towards Better Skin Every Day. 



Naturally Derived and Paraben Free

ILYNN strives to give you better, healthier and safer skincare choices by combining naturally-derived elements into effective, Paraben-Free formulas. 

Designed by Experts of Aesthetic Medicine

Our experts have precision-designed our formulas, ensuring that they are safe, clinically advisable and exceptionally effective for your skin.

Personalized Skin Care

Every skin is different. Our SKIN REGIMEN FINDER ® recommends specific combinations and applications of our products to women based on their responses to questions regarding their skin and lifestyle. 

pH Balance for Sensitive Skin

ILYNN products are suitable for all skin types owing to their safe yet effective pH Balance that has been achieved after rigorous testing by our experts.

Holistic Skin Care Experience

From consultation discounts at leading cosmetologists, daily skin care tips on our social media channels and regular de-stressing sessions, ILYNN believes in providing its users a complete skin care experience. 

Ethical Manufacturing Practices

All ILYNN products are manufactured in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and ISO Certified facilities. Our products are not tested on animals and we strictly condemn animal testing.

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