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Why is VITAMIN C so important for your Skin

When it comes to skin care , Vitamin C acts like an army protecting its territory. From slowing down your skin’s aging process to adding sparkle to dull skin, it is not unexpected that vitamin C serums, creams, and other vitamin C skincare products have gradually made their way to shelves all across the globe.  Basically “vitamin C” guards your skin from taking too much damage after a prolonged exposure to the sun. Vitamin C should be the first thing that hits your mind when it comes to wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of your skin wear and tear. Some researches show that Vitamin C may help prevent and treat UV – induced damage, reduces premature cell death, reduces the release of cytokines (inflammatory compounds) and makes your skin appear smoother and firmer – 

  • Vitamin C is an essential part of skin health as it contributes to photo-reception, decreases photo-damage and is needed for wound healing. 
  • Topical vitamin C intake is useful against acne to reduce inflammatory lesions. Vitamin C serums & other related products may reduce acne induced inflammation.  
  • Vitamin C also helps slow down the skin aging process as the body naturally makes less and less collagen as it ages. 
  • Those who are tired of trying to conceal their dark circles, Vitamin C acts magically and makes your skin bright, youthful and vibrant. 
  • It prevents dark spots of skin so why not go for the best vitamin C serum for dark spots and pigmentation which is the formation of darkened spots. 
  • Vitamin C makes your skin clear, smooth, strong and glowy. 
  • Vitamin C has proven itself a warrior against redness and hyper-pigmentation, as it evens your skin-tone. It plays a vital role in helping your skin retain water and prevent it from dryness. 
  • Vitamin C has been crowned as one of the best anti-oxidant. 
  • Vitamin C boosts collagen production as collagen is a protein that provides structure and elasticity to the skin which helps your skin from sagging.
  • Best effective Vitamin C serum also diminishes scars and makes them less noticeable. 

Vitamin C is also required for the growth and repair of the body tissues. Best natural sources of vitamin C are citrus fruits, tomatoes, peppers, kiwis and strawberries. As a skin care product, Vitamin C serum is a golden ticket, as this serum acts like an armor against pollution and other radicals. While looking for a good vitamin C serum, best effective Vitamin C serum MUST HAVE L-ascorbic acid, glutathione, ferulic acid. As ascorbic acid Vitamin C serum is the most potent form of vitamin serum. A small scale research showed that applying 5% solution of Vitamin C helped increase thickness of skin compared with a Placebo solution. Who would deny a perfect glowing skin then? So make  best Vitamin C skincare products a part of your for vibrant appearance.

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