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Skincare Routines of 5 famous celebrities

Our skin is our only sanctuary and heeding to its needs & requirements is of utmost importance for keeping it healthy and glowing. Skincare is very important especially during cold winter, as it tends to bring along dryness which leads to dull and dried-out skin, causing severe damage to the skin.

Many skincare products are available in the market that are catering skincare needs of the masses. But not all these products are helpful or safe to use, most of these skincare products contain parabens and steroids that at first, work like miracles but then escalate the issues they were meant to heal.

This most certainly does not mean that the market is vacant of safe and beneficial skincare products, ILYNN has based itself on providing safe, naturally derived and effective skincare products that range from Moisturizer to Night-cream to Serum.

Skincare Routine of

  • Saba Faisal:

    Who among us is not testament of the glow that radiates from Legend of Pakistan’s entertainment industry Ma’am Saba Faisal. Her evergreen glow and youthful skin has always intrigued us to know the secret behind it.Here’s what she has to say about it,

    “First of all my skin is naturally very glowy and I also take care of it alot. I make sure that my skin is always cleansed, moisturized and nourished, throughout the day and even at night.” Saba Faisal has been using ILYNN skincare products for a while now and here’s what she had to say about it. “ I have been using ILYNN’s Moisturizer, C-Serum and Night cream for sometime now and I totally recommend that you do too as they will make you fall in love with yourself as they have done for me”

  • Mahira Khan:

    Mahira Khan is yet another Icon when it comes to gorgeous skin, while interviewing with Vogue she aired some of her skincare secrets, among them were having a balanced diet, moisturizing and cleansing your skin properly and regularly especially before going to bed. She also talked about a beauty hack, Mahira told her fans to mix a teaspoon of honey with lemon juice and apply it over the neck and face for a few minutes before washing it. The simple tip cleanses skin and gives an impression of glowing moisture on the face.  
  • Mehreen Raheel Munir:

    Here’s what Mehreen Raheal Munir has to say about her glowing skin, “Well I have a lot of beauty secrets; first, I sometimes wash my face with baking powder. It takes away all the dirt but I don’t recommend it for people with sensitive skin as it may aggravate. I have water as soon as I wake up, it’s a reason for my good skin. Dates and almonds are my favorite so I snack on them when I am hungry or to boost my energy level. I usually have 2-3 dates before going to the Gym. Next, coconut oil for my scalp and basically using the least amount of chemicals on my skin. I believe in internal healing- which is having water, protein intake, getting your sleep, exercising and an unlimited amount of fruit.”
  • Leyla Zuberi:

    Leyla Zuberi’s secret to everlasting glow and smooth and healthy skin is “I try to use natural stuff for my skin, I use Aloe Vera gel from the plant for my face, and it keeps my skin fresh and glowing. It doesn’t have any side effects.”
  • Saheefa Jabbar:

    While talking about her skin the award-winning superstar told us about how her skin tends to get very dry and hence is prone to acne, “I always go for naturally derived products for keeping my skin moisturized and nourished, as chemicals and steroids do more harm than good” she said, furthermore she told how she has been using ILYNN’s skincare products religiously and how well they have turned out for her.


If you focus a little on the skincare routines of the celebrities mentioned above you will realize that all of them have a few things in common, mainly keeping their skin cleansed and nourished by using a cleanser and a good moisturizer, having healthy and balanced diets and using naturally derived skincare products, free from parabens and steroids. 

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