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Future of Aesthetic Medicine- Anti Ageing

Aesthetic Medicine and Procedures have been around for a really long time. In this long time of producing effective and aesthetic solutions, these medications and procedures have varied from Botox to Laser and even from Fillers to Peels. Where all of them have been incredibly effective with long term results, with the evolution of medicine, the process has been changing.

Anti-Ageing treatments have come and gone with some being successful while the others being mere experiments. However, the new fascination for most professionals seems like one to stay and sustain.

Doctors and experts around the globe have gradually shifted their focus on to more natural sources of aesthetic treatments. There has been considerable research conducted that has shown that naturally-derived elements are the safest and most long-lasting to reverse visible signs of ageing among other treatments.

Research aside, nothing can be more natural than the cells that come from within our own bodies. Skin experts have slowly started to revert into performing procedures that revolve around injecting the patient’s own cells back into the problem areas for treatment. The idea of using naturally-derived solutions is nothing less than a revolutionary step that will seemingly define the future of aesthetic medicine.

The most common cosmeceutical and anti-ageing procedure include the likes of micro needling and collagen induction therapy. These therapies focus on keeping things as natural as they can while providing the most benefit possible. Other very common procedures include stem cells implantation and Platelets Rich Plasma, commonly known as PRP.

If we take a look at the elements that nature has provided us with in order to deal with skin related concerns and especially anti-ageing elements, we would be more than just surprised. These elements are exceptionally powerful when it comes to delaying visible signs of ageing as they rejuvenate the skin while inducing a youthful glow. Be it the likes of wrinkles, sagging skin or even something like discoloration, naturally-derived sources have us covered.

These elements serve us in the form of vitamins, minerals and extracts that include, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Arbutin, Niacinamide, Oatmeal Extract and Botanical Hyaluronic acid among others. These elements are scientifically proven to being beneficial when it comes to the likes of anti-ageing treatments. Naturally derived elements are now being utilized through scientifically approved combinations.

Medicine is taking a leap forward in terms of making aesthetic procedures as nature inclusive as they can and it is time that treatments, invasive and non-invasive, look to be more inclined towards naturally-derived sources.

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